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    Value of a Boat Club Whether you are an adventure seeker, can’t find slip space, new to boating, or looking for an affordable entry into boating, Lake Time Boat Club is right for you. Are you looking for a fun and relaxing way to spend your summer? The chart below shows how you can keep…

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    MEMBERSHIP LEVELS We Have Expanded Our Fleet! Join Before We Reach Capacity! LIMITED TIME $1000 OFF JOINING FEE  Check out the options and see which is right for you. Lake Time Boat Club offers several membership levels so you can select the option that best fits your needs! All memberships begin with a first year…

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    Do age restrictions apply?
    Named Members must be 25 years of age or older. Operators must be 21 years of age or older. Children of Named Members between the age of 21-25 are allowed to use the watercraft.
    What are the hours of operation?
    Our boating season is May-October. The season opening date and closing date are weather dependent. We are open from 8:30am-sunset, 7 days a week.
    What watercraft will I have access to?
    We are very proud of the type and quality of boats that we have in our club. We expect Members to treat them as if they were their own. Currently, the boats we have are 4 Bennington's, 1 Premier PTX, and 1 Cobalt 210.
    How do I schedule a reservation?
    Once you become a Member you will have access to our reservation system. Reservations can be made at anytime through our website, by our mobile app., or by giving us a call.
    How many reservations can I have at one time?
    Depending on your Membership you are allowed up to 4 reservations on the books at one time. We highly encourage you to utilize the reservation system. After you use a reservation another one can be booked. We do this so not one Member can lock up a whole bunch of days. Reservations can be made up to 45 days in advance.
    Are there any limits on how much I use a boat?
    Every Membership includes unlimited boating for the entire season. Unlimited boating means there are no restrictions on how many times you take out a boat. Boats are based on availability and a first come, first serve basis.
    What if I want to use a boat and it is already booked?
    Members who join the club understand that they are sharing watercraft with other Members. If the exact watercraft you would like to use is booked, take the opportunity to try something new.
    What are the chances I get a reservation on a busy weekend?
    Memberships are limited in order to optimize watercraft availability. The “math” behind the schedule is as follows. We have allocated three outings each day. There are six boats in the club. Therefore, there are 18 outing opportunities per day.
    Can I use a boat on a last minute notice?
    YES! Take advantage of this opportunity. At the start of business every day all open reservation periods will be made available to Members regardless of how many reservations they currently have scheduled. Upon the conclusion of any early reservation, a Member may schedule an additional reservation on the same day if there is watercraft available.
    How much does it cost?
    Members can choose to pay their membership dues upfront for 5% discount or on a 6 month payment plan (May-October). Please take a look at our Membership plans to see which one fits your needs.
    Are there any hidden expenses?
    The only additional cost you will have is fuel. We have fuel meters on the boats that monitor how much fuel you use. Don't worry fueling the boat and waiting in line at the gas dock. We'll do that for you.
    How long is my commitment?
    The Membership Agreement is a 12 month contract
    What if the weather is bad?
    If there is inclement weather, it is our discretion to cancel all outings that are booked for that given time period. At that time, you can book another reservation for a different time. There is no penalty.
    What if I have little or no experience in operating a boat?
    It does not matter if you are a novice or an expert boater. We recommend every Member completes the free Iowa DNR boat safety course. Also, we take you through an instructional operation of the boat as well as safety training to ensure all Members feel comfortable.
    How soon can I get on the water?
    We highly recommend you complete the Iowa DNR boat safety course. Then schedule a time to meet us at the dock to go over our instructional boat operation and safety training session. You can be on your own in less than a week!
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    What is a boat club? Do you love being on the water? Do you like having a good time with family and friends? If so, Lake Time Boat Club might be a good fit for you. Lake Time Boat Club is established for Members-only as an alternative entry into boating by offering a worry-free experience…

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    We Are Now Operating Under The Freedom Boat Club Name and Brand! They Are A National Franchise With Over 280 Locations   About Life is better on the water. Share lasting memories with family, friends, clients and coworkers. Experience an alternative opportunity to the boating lifestyle by becoming a Club Member. Lake Time Boat…