The FUN starts now!

People seem to have mixed feelings when it comes to boating. Most people feel emotions such as relaxation, joy, and freedom while others unfortunately experience headaches, frustration, and empty pockets. You don’t have to be like the second person. Lake Time Boat Club strives to keep and instill the positive feelings that come with boating. When you join the club you are catered to and taken care of. As a member, you do not have to worry about “breaking out another thousand.” After you join the club, the only thing you pay is the member dues and the gas that you use for your outing. Imagine not having to deal with launching and loading your boat every time you wanted to use it, not having to worry about routine maintenance problems, and not having to pay to winterize and store your boat. That would be pretty nice, right? If you are new to boating, you are probably saying to yourself, “Wow, I really have to take care of all of that?” Yes you do, but members of Lake Time Boat Club don’t.

Boating is meant to be relaxing and fun and Lake Time Boat Club was established to keep it that way